Plans and the events of the last year

It has been a period of time since this page was updated. So let me fill you in on what has been happening behinds the scene here at Black Swamp Soda. As we previously announced the shop was renamed to Thelmer’s Soda Depot. The store is moving along at a good pace and sales have been increasing month to month.

We also have stated that we want to bottle our own soda. We have much of the process in place to make this happen. The biggest issue we currently face is operating capital. In researching the process we have found that labeling for bottled soda is quite expensive. So this has caused a problem with funding the project. While store sales have increased our operating capital has been directed into another part of our venture which has precluded any chance to bottle our own soda at this time.

The final part of this update is in regard to where our capital expenditures have been over the last year. We have taken on the task of distributing sodas to other locations. We currently have several customers in the area and a few our of our direct market zone. If you have a store, carry-out specialty market or restaurant that might benefit from having glass bottled soda on your menu or shelf feel free to contact us at frank at and we can discuss your requirements and how to properly fulfill them.